USAvox is our call forwarding service.

Now your USAbox address can have your own and unique phone number. You will be able to provide your complete address and local phone and fax numbers. For example:

Jim Smith
8345 NW 66 ST #0007
Miami Fl 33195
Phone: (305) 555-5555

All calls received at this number will be forwarded anywhere in the world to the number you provide us at a very attractive rate.
From now on, you will be able to have your very own Miami Phone number!

You may want to have two phone numbers: One forwarded to your regular phone and another one forwarded to your fax machine. This way you can have an address, a phone line and a fax, all in Miami.

$30.00 Setup fee (one-time initial charge)
One number $19.00 per month (plus usage*)
Two numbers $29.00 per month (plus usage*)

The USAvox solution is a unique system that allows real time reception of your incoming calls.

With USAvox call forwarding service you have the ability forward your incoming calls to anywhere in the world. Calls forwarded to local phone numbers (area code 305 or 786) donot incur in long distance charges, for any other US area code the charge is $0.09 (9 cents) per minute. For international rates [popup_anything id=”5041″]